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About e-Statement Service

Our eStatement enables you to receive weekly, monthly statement at your email for Banking Account. And it's absolutely free!

It's on time. It's paperless. It supports Green Banking.
It's secured and ensures your financial confidentiality


  • More reliable: We'll email your eStatement directly every week or month,so there's no chance it will get lost in the mall
  • Greater convenience: Access your eStatement easily whenever you want,without having to rummage through papers.
  • Improved security: You can rest safe in the knowledge that nobody else can open your bank statement
  • Free of charge: And because Meghna Bank Ltd is committed to being green,we won't charge you for eStatements
  • FAQ

    An eStatement is an electronic version of your statement. You can view and print your statement right from your computer without waiting for traditional mail and put an end to paper clutter.

    In order to continue receiving the eStatement, you need to notify us of your email address change.

    There are several reasons.eStatements arrive sooner than a paper statement. They cut down the amount of paperwork you have to manage because you can store copies on your PC. They will also save trees as more members sign up for eStatements.